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At iHemp CBD here in the Triad,

We’re proud to be those professionals and it’s a responsibility we take seriously, as you’ll see from our online reviews.

We carry an array of quality products and our knowledgeable staff can is able to assist you in finding one that’s right for you.

Pain Creams

CBD cream, as the medical community tells us, is a non-addictive treatment for pain, whether acute or chronic. Applying CBD cream to a sore muscle can result in experiencing more than just relief to that specific muscle—users often report feeling pain relief throughout the whole body.


You may have heard concerns from friends or family that CBD dog treats will get your pooch high. The staff here at iHemp can assure you, that simply isn’t the case (if it were, we wouldn’t carry CBD pet treats at all). The reason for that is because CBD is derived from the hemp plant and will have less than 0.3% THC. Take it from the pros at iHemp—0.3% is definitely a safe level.


Edibles are quickly becoming a trusted remedy for chronic pain or anxiety. Although their THC levels are far lower than the ones found in marijuana, CBD edibles have been noted for delivering long-term pain relief. The staff here at High Point’s iHemp put this summary together to give you a better idea of what CBD edibles can do for you.


  • Variety includes everything from gummies and chill shots to CBD syrups
  • Edibles are easy to take on-the-go, whether on public transportation or to an event
  • Edibles last longer, whether in the case of gummies or syrups


When it comes to the benefits of CBD tinctures, the list is long. Below, you can get a better sense of what CBD tinctures can do for you. Tinctures allow the user to:


  • Feel the effects quickly
  • Easily control the amount you take
  • Remain relatively discreet, for those who would rather not call attention to themselves
  • Be assured, as CBD tinctures have been shown to be quite safe
  • Keep for the long-term (tinctures have a long shelf life when stored properly)


Unlike gummies or other edibles, CBD vape oil allows you to have precise control of your intake. Not that gummies are totally approximate (they aren’t), but vapables allow you to know exactly how much you’re ingesting and control your consumption.

We carry an array of quality products and our knowledgeable staff is able to assist you in finding one that’s right for you. As Jamestown and High Point's latest addition, we're proud to be one of the area's finest new CBD shops. 

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